How do I drag the end of a staff/system to the end of the page

Hey how do I pull the end of the score of my staff to the end of the page. I hate the fact that they somehow get compressed at the end.

Thanks for any help!

Are you talking about unchecking this Layout option?

In general in Dorico, moving stuff by hand is nearly always for small adjustments, rather than for large-scale changes.

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How do I drag barlines by hand tho? It wont let me just do it by hand.

That worked great thank you!

For horizontal spacings (barlines and notes) in engrave mode, you need to use the shortcuts alt+left or right arrow (or command(control) + left or right arrow for bigger movements) on one or multiple selected points. The mouse is not (jet) usable there.

Also consider that (in case you need different note spacing for a passage)Note spacing changes are often a better solution for local spacing needs (remember to put a Reset Note spacing change at the end of the desired passage…):