How do I ... dynamic sign

put dynamic sign to the end of a bar where is no new note? A whole note should be crescended, but Dorico puts it always to the beginning of the crescendo

Select the whole note, Shift-D, <f, Enter.

thank you,
but if I do that a decrescendo sign appears, but I want to have “ff” sign at the end of the crescendo sign

Ahhh…thanx a lot, and last… how do I let start the crescendo sign at th “half of the note”? I have tied half note and whole note over two bars and want the crescendo starting at the second note…?

Edith… when I follow your advice a new bar isa created and the ff is deleted when I delete that bar…;((

Use Alt-Shift-left arrow to move the location of the final dynamic mark, then delete the extra bar.

You can also use dynamics while in note input, but I don’t prefer that. However it works well for things like this.

thanx for your help… is that a bug??? It is absolutely not logical to delete that bar??? Thank you

It’s not a bug, although you may not prefer the way it works (I don’t prefer it either).

In this situation, the final dynamic is always attached to the following downbeat. If there isn’t one, Dorico creates one. I wish it wouldn’t, but it’s not a bug.

Thanx for the explanation!!You´re in the US aren’t you?
Just watched the television … unbelievable

Yes, it’s quite a debacle over here at the moment…

All the best for you over there…am in Vienna right now…hope things turn out well over there