How do I edit only one midi-channel inside same midi-track?

Thanks to the users that has “answered” in this thread and destroyed it.

Filter Bar in editor (Event channels) ?

You can´t assign MIDI parts to a specific MIDI channel…

I need a guide to how this works, as I don’t understand much of it. Could anyone write a step-by-step guide.

To make myself more clear: I need to select the notes that is assigned to a specific midi-channel, among many notes assigned to different midi channels within the same midi-track.

They already did, in the manual.

That would then be events, not parts…

Step by step? …
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You are wrong.

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There is an Operation Manual included with Cubase in PDF format. Read the MIDI Editors section paying special attention to the Filtering techniques.
Granted, it may not be step by step, but you should be able to extrapolate what you need.
You might also look on YouTube or something for tutorial videos on Midi Editing with Cubase - even if it’s not C7, the info might help.

The Cubase-manual is unable to explain anything in simple terms.

And, if this is your answer to a problem on a forum, why don’t you find something else to do instead of coming with the most stupid answer of all: “Read the manual”.

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I’ll switch to another midi-sequencer. To much small-problems with Cubase, and when asking a simple question on the Cubase forum one is told to read the confusing manual.

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Solution: Using Logical Editor - Help? - Cubase - Steinberg Forums