How Do I Embed RIN Metadata Into File Exports Efficiently?

I’m already entering Artist, Title, and ISRC metadata to make DDP masters. So how do I conveniently get that embedded as RIN metadata into ALL CD TRACKS IN GROUP file exports without having to use the clumsy and redundant Sound Credit app to embed the same data one file at a time? If there is no way to embed RIN data as a file export, there should be. Having to manually enter text and ISRC numbers over and over is a waste of time and injects error potential into production. Anyone else have a suggestions?


please explain what is “RIN metadata” ?

link to webpage etc


regards S-EH

Wavelab can already take the CD Text Artist and Title variables and CD Track ISRC variable and embed them into the rendered wav files doing an ALL CD TRACKS IN GROUP render. Just use Justin’s metadata preset.

As far as I can tell that’s all the RIN-M Pro plugin does with that same function (writes artist and title to the wav RIFF info, and ISRC to the wav axml), just like Wavelab does. But Wavelab does it intelligently, to multiple files, including ALL TRACKS IN GROUP.

I guess that plugin has other primary functions like sending additional credit information to a separate RIN file, but what you’re talking about, embedding the artist, title, and ISRC in the exported bwf wav files, Wavelab already does.

if I’m missing something, please correct me, but that particular function of the plugin would seem to do nothing that Wavelab can’t already do. And also, as far as I can tell most of the RIN metadata entered or passed through with the plugin is always exported as a separate RIN file.

However, I haven’t tried the plugin, and just assume it’s writing Artist and Title to RIFF info, when it might be writing those to axml or ixml. But even if it is, it could easily be imitated with variables in the Wavelab metadata setup.

but the RIN-M manual says the plugin also automatically converts the file to bwav, so to do that Wavelab would have to create a bext chunk if there isn’t one. Also easily done in the metadata preset. Just enable anything in the Wavelab metadata BWF section if nothing’s been enabled there already.

It’s easy to convert CD-Text info into metadata using a preset in the Metadata tab of the Montage. You can even save this preset as part of a Montage Preset so you never have to think about it again. Any entered CD-Text will be pushed to metadata in rendered WAV and mp3 files, and even some additional info such as track number/track total.

However, I know this is different than RIN.

The main guy from Soundways reached out to me about providing better support within WaveLab about a month ago, but I have been too busy with projects to pass this on to PG or look into it more. I will see if he wants to chime in on this thread.

I am all for tagging files with as much metadata as possible because you never know what the future will bring. That being said, I’m not very optimistic about the digital distributors (DistroKid, CD Baby, Tunecore) actually being able to see and use this data, and even less optimistic about the streaming services deciding to display this information.

Right now TIDAL is the only streaming service I know of that is displaying any decent credits, but even then, the info they can display is only as good as the info they receive. I know of a few projects I’ve mastered or remastered with incorrect mastering credits.

I’ve now tried the Soundways RIN-M plugin (now Tracker plugin) to embed the “RIN” data in a wave file, and found that it’s extremely simple, what’s being done can easily be done in the existing Wavelab metadata editor with a custom preset. RIFF info is used for Artist and Title, and ISRC is in the axml chunk per EBU, exactly as Wavelab already does it. And the BWF section is added with some information to make it a bwav file.

I’ll try to make a preset in the next couple of days, but the result should verify back in the Tracker plugin fine. This ‘should’ cover the wav embedding part of the Soundways process, without having to modify Wavelab itself.

Justin I’m not sure if they know how configurable PG has made the metadata editor already, or if they’re talking about all the other data that would go to the separate RIN file, but the wav embedding part is extremely simple, and can easily be done to multiple files with variables by Wavelab already.

The Tidal credits are amazing. The way you can pick out any of the many participants in a recording, click on their name, and basically be presented with a whole history of their recording activity, with playable links to the recordings. It’s kind of like AllMusic but better. They must use or source the same database info right? Because the database is huge.

Last time I checked, Amazon music and Spotify had artist and songwriter if that.

Qobuz might be great because they need to compete with Tidal, but I haven’t tried them yet.

The RIN data seems like it would mostly be for current projects starting the last 3 years or so since it started (?), but I wonder how that would work if AllMusic and Tidal are already receiving complete credits or compiling complete credits themselves for years?

But the RIN would add more information to the specific files they’re related to so I guess that would be good.

I must say that I’m slightly lost as to how all this ties together, and I’m slightly pessimistic about seeing any real change to digital credits on the $treaming $ervices in my lifetime but I’d love to be wrong.

TIDAL is pretty great in terms of showing credits and letting you click on names, but there is also a lot of wrong info and tons of missing info. That being said, we have to jump in and start somewhere and it’s already way too late in the game.

Jaxsta is another company that is collecting data and trying to do something useful but again, I don’t foresee the $treaming $ervices caring enough about adding this stuff to their apps or they would have done it by now. Once again, video is light years ahead of audio.

I have a Zoom chat scheduled with Gebre from Sound Credit soon to try to understand more, and maybe help him understand more about what WaveLab can already do in terms of metadata.

OT I know but … Unhappily I completely agree. One problem is that for some label projects you are not always told even the artist’s name (I’m literally doing one of those now … I suspect it’s the winner of some TV show) let alone ISRCs. Not infrequently I see something come out with a different artist name … and I think I had maybe two song title changes last week alone post mastering. Meaning in the real world it’s no surprise credits are a little sketchy.