How do I emulate this notation?

I like this:

But my attempt to do something like it in Dorico seem very clumsy and doesn’t communicate the information as succinctly to the player.

I’d be really grateful if anyone could suggest a better approach.

Are you using slash regions in this?

The four bars of slashes and then the 4-bar repeat looks a little crazy for me. I’d have 8 bars of slash region.

Also, I think I’d keep the systems consistent to 8 bars, like the third one.

A big part of the trademark look of the original sample you picture is that it is done freehand, with pen and ink. The digital notation is just too “straight” looking.

It’s impossible at this time to get this same look using digital software, and probably never will be possible. I’d do what DanielMuzMurray suggests - limit each line to 8 measures of slashes.

I think what Iain is after is the multimeasure-rest-like format of replacing slashes for improvised areas.

Yes @Derrek that’s exactly it.
But for the moment I’ll try to make the most of what Dorico has to offer. Maybe No harm in making a feature request…
I agree @DanielMuzMurray - I will try what you suggest.

Thanks everybody.

I can think of a few ways to do this, none exactly as the image though.

  1. I always use repeat bars for this. The phrasing is instantly clear and there isn’t the visual clutter of all the slashes.

  1. You can simply use multibar rests. As long as the chord symbol is on beat 1, Dorico will still consolidate the rests.

  1. You can use Bar Repeats with Layout Options/Players/Bar Rests and Multi-bar Rests set to consolidate the Bar Repeats.

  1. In the unlikely event you don’t need actual Bar Repeats elsewhere in the project, you can use the Bar Repeat version above, but modify the Bar Repeat glyph.

Hopefully one of these ideas helps!
EDIT: Just realized the tune is in 3 not 4, oops.


Oh yes @FredGUnn thats so helpful.

I had created version 1 … so much space for such a little bit of info!
So version 3 is a really nice solution I think… Quite clear yet economical on space.

I think the soloist is more likely to get lost in the wide planes of V1 than the neat streets of V3

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Hey guys, what about something like this? Custom line in da house… :innocent: :v:



Oh yeah!

Great! Is that applied to 8 bars or 1 bar? I tried something like that but the Line broke up the bars.

Was really just a quick hack. It’s four bars, I just deleted the bar lines in between.


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Ah, got it! I was trying to blast the multibar rest off the screen and then apply it to the consolidated section, but the Line of course was breaking it up.


I like this one. It very clearly states “8 bars repeated”, etc.

Unfortunately, that’s really just a lead sheet workaround though and not really suitable for parts and score. If I want a rhythm part to look like this …

… then the score looks like this:

Not good.

EDIT: Posted that as I was going out the door and now realize it might not be completely clear. Obviously I can hide the numbers, the point is that if I want them to show in the score they are off by 1. Using a bar of slash and then repeat bars like my example 1 above may not be the best use of space in a lead sheet, but allows the parts and score to match.