How do I enter arco/pizz

I’m doing a string bass part, and it defaults to pizz playback. Arco doesn’t change that. I’ve really tried to search the forum, and so far all I’ve achieved is confusion and a low grade headache.

Is there somewhere a simple “how-to” to make arco and pizz playback correctly? Or is it just not simple?

Thanks very much.

Lew Buckley

Are you sure the instrument you are using has both an arco and a pizz sound (based on keyswitches)? Some do not. That’s the first thing I would check.

Lew, if you’re using Dorico Elements, you won’t get pizz. playback by default from the provided sounds. If you’re using Dorico Pro, make sure you’re using the HSSE+HSO (Pro) playback template. If you are using Elements and want to get hold of better sounds, you could give NotePerformer a try (not made by Steinberg, but used to great effect by thousands of Dorico users, and very reasonably priced).

Thanks, Daniel. I’m using Dorico Pro 4.0 (and am about to upgrade to 5) and NotePerformer. But the String Bass sound defaults to pizz, and I can’t change it to arco simply by selecting the arco playing technique.

I don’t know what the HSSE+HSO(Pro) template is or where to find it, but I’ll look into that this evening and see if that’s the problem.

Try changing the String Bass to a solo Double Bass and see if that improves things.

Bingo. Thanks, Derrek!

It now defaults to arco and goes back and forth nicely between arco and pizz. markings.

And Daniel, just to see what would happen, I reset the Playback template to NotePerformer, and that works too. Seems the critical issue is which instrument is used, per Derrek’s suggestion.

Anyway, problem solved — and thanks for the help, everyone.