How do I enter boxed text?

Boxed text is important but I’m haven’t been able to figure out how to do it without adding a graphic that I make outside of Dorico.

John Barron talked about this in his Discover Dorico video earlier today - you can create a text frame in Engrave mode, then set its border width in the properties panel. A little bit of a kludge for now, perhaps, but it works.

I’m not seeing border width anywhere. Maybe I’m missing what the properties panel is. Is it where you choose font and whatnot? If so, where would the border width setting be? I don’t think that’s a kludge if it works, I like to set different border widths if I can.

Never mind, I figured out what that innocuous little arrow at the bottom is. Man, what’s wrong with right click and seeing a “properties” option? I’m getting annoyed at how everything has to be different than the way everything else is, even normal stuff like properties.