How do I enter fret position with numerals for guitar?


Still plodding along.

I am trying to enter a few bars along the lines of the following example (not my piece).

I can’t work out how to enter the fret positions with Roman Numerals.

What is the popup to do this please? Thank you.

You have to define your own p0laying techniques in engraving for each position.

Attached is a template you can modify to your needs.
Guitar (724 KB)

Hi theoretical.

Thank you for your response and information.

I will study up what you have suggested.

Best wishes to you and your family and bye for now.


Uh, actually I have a question myself…

How can I copy custom playing techniques to another project? I made some customisations (e.g. using B instead of C for bare), but they are just in that one project and I need them in another one…

Go into the Edit Playing Techniques dialog, select the relevant custom playing technique, then click the Save As Default icon (the star) in the bottom left corner. It should now appear in all other projects you open.


I was looking at that icon, but really didn’t know what “default” it would make. I Guess “Save as Global” or “Add to Global” would be better?