How do I enter mandolin chop chords?

I’m doing a bluegrass style project, and I want to enter some mandolin chop chords. These are staccato muted chords played on every backbeat. I’d like to do it using a chord track and a sample track with mando samples. My question is, do I need to enter a chord in the chord track on every backbeat, or only when the chord changes? If the latter, how do I make the sample track play the chops on every backbeat?

Thanks for any help with this.

  • Enter chords where the chords are expected to change on the chord track.
  • Record the chops where you want them on the sample track (it doesn’t really matter what keys you use as long as the timing is correct)
  • In the inspector for the sample track set “Follow Chord Track”=Chords. Set “Follow Directly” in the popup.
  • Mute the chord track (or set it to affect another track if that is required). The important thing is to not let the chord track affect the sample track directly since the stabs will then sound at each chord change.

Thanks, guca. That worked great, except that I found I need the “synchronize” option instead of “follow directly”. Very cool!