How do I export a WAV with metadata?

Hi Guys,

How do I export my WAV with meta data? I do this when I export MP3 files by choosing the “Edit ID3 tags”, but with WAV, I don’t see any option like this.

I have checked on, “Insert Broadcast Wave Chunk” and “Insert iXML Chunk” and even “Insert Tempo Definition”

After export, I don’t see my name or anything in Windows explorer, windows right click properties, and even burning a CD and checking in there.

Any tips guys? I’ve searched for a long time online and can’t find any answer :frowning:

Thank you!


Check your manual please, I believe this is a project setting (could be incorrect, hence, pls check the manual).

Good luck!

Wave files are not designed to have metadata attached in the same way as mp3.

Broadcast wavs can attach certain data (which is set in preferences) and you select bwavs as the record format in project setup, but again this is not designed for you to tag your files and the metadata can only be read by programs designed to do so.