How do i export a wave audio file , with the sound working correctly?

I put one of my compositions in the Cubase Library, but when i try to export it in Wave format, i try to play it back, and theres no sound at all . How can i make sure that the Audio is exported correctly?

Hi and welcome on the forum,

What kind fo tracks do you use in your project? Are the Audio or Instrument or MIDI?

Initially it was a composition that i sent from Sibelius Ultimate, so i would class it as Instrumental Audio, or perhaps just Audio .

It is an MP3 .


How did you save/export it from Sibelius, please?

Are you sure it is playing in any common player (so it has been exported correctly)?

It was already in MP3 format, after exporting it from Sibelius totally correctly.

The Cubase Pro 11 is a Trial 1 month version, i forgot to say.


Then you should be able to export it common way. Could you attach a screenshot of the Export Audio Mixdown window, please?

the question remains why is there no sound?

Sorry but i have no idea how to do a screenshot!


We would need more information to be able to investigate further.


Please, ask Google. It depends on your operating system.