How do I export my audio into a video with Cubase?

How do I export my audio into a video with Cubase 10?

There was a replace audio in video file menu option in previous Cubase… where is it in 10?

Any help appreciated!!

Unfortunately this function depended on QuickTime to work, so when Apple deprecated that, the video functions disappeared from Cubase, but have re-appeared with a new engine with limited capabilities. We’re all waiting anxiously for an upcoming update to address this issue, but it’s not known yet whether the function to “replace audio in video” will return before the next (paid) .5 update.

Others like me have moved on and now use a different product for video editing, but some limited video rendering function has appeared recently in Nuendo 10.2, so we might not have long to wait until Cubase gets it as well.

I need this function too!

Any news about it?

They’ll probably release 10.5 in november-ish so I hope it is included.

Hello guy!

Indeed my prediction became true! Now we can export video. And selectively too!