How do I export video with my own audio?


Yes, I have the video file with original audio… And my replacement audio on an other track… How do I now export the video with the new audio and get a nice little video with audio recorded in Nuendo and get rid of the cameraaudio??

Please help.

Can’t speak for v8, but in N7.x you would basically select “replace audio in video file” in the “file” menu. You’d be asked to point to a video file, and then to an audio file (meaning you would have to first export mixdown of your mix).

You’d have to make sure you’re ok with losing the audio that’s currently in the video file because it’s an actual replace that happens. I typically create another folder with a duplicate of the video file so that my original is always untouched.

Not sure if they implemented any new way of doing it in Nuendo 8.

Doesn’t that require (or at least it did in N7 on PC) the presence of the Quicktime library components, as well? Just want to be clear on the procedure and also differentiate any differences as compared with N8, which should not require any QT components.

That could be true.

Thanks for answer! I should have mentioned that its Nuendo 8 and the function you refering to has changed…

Get DaVinci Resolve, it’s free.


Could you go through the steps, once you get Resolve?


Perhaps use RAVE, it is still in development but very usable.
Basically it’s a GUI front end to do this using ffmpeg.
At its simplest you just drop the video and audio on to it and press a button.

Important to follow the installation instructions.

I have just downloded Resolve, looks nice dont know all the features yet…

This would be a great help.


It looks more complicated than it is at first, but it really is pretty straightforward.

Basically the steps you need to do are:

Create a project.
Import the media (video) and (audio). Check the framerate.
Put media on a timeline.
Add a task to a render cue. Select video format, path and name.
Start the render cue.
Coffee, smile, enjoy life.

Surely you will be a bit puzzled at first, but once you get the concept, you have a great tool at your hands that will also let you edit video. It‘s really worth spending a bit of time with the software that will come in handy many times.

Thank you, Oliver!

I had figured that, having worked with Resolve before.

I thought there was some “Nuendo-specific” procedure, like “Export to Resolve blah, blah, blah …” :laughing:

What about lining the audio and video up, though? We would have to do that manually, right?

Thanx. again!

Yes, that’s a manual procedure unfortunately.

Yes, that’s a manual procedure unfortunately.
What does the Pro Tools team know, that the Steinberg team doesn’t? :frowning:

Nothing. I don’t trust AVID a lot when it comes to coding computer software. I consider their solutions as clunky, ridiculously overpriced and terribly buggy, but that’s another story. But you are right: Many of us here have a copy of ProTools HD and there is nothing to stop us from using it for this particular function.

I think Steinberg should concentrate development in areas where the user cannot find a workaround or 3rd party solution. (fixing DOP errors, display field recorder metadata, fixing AAF, fixing video engine)

Is there a way to spot to original timecode for audio though? I know DAWs have the function. If that’s the case I’d think that either starting the sequence timeline at the timcode the video starts would help lining it up (if audio is exported from the same spot) or by spotting audio to original (exported) timecode.

That was investigated when creating the RAVE software. It turns out it’s not that easy.
Timecode just isn’t real in audio and video files really. And in many cases and formats there is no way to store the timecode in the file itself.

Basically you have to recreate a timeline in the software for this feature to be fully usable.
The fact that you do it from within PT in the timeline is what makes it work there.
And even the PT method will have to change (might have already) from using the old QT legacy software to do this.

Conceptual workarounds have been figured out by the RAVE devs but needs additional support from Steinberg to work. RAVE is however not a commercial initiative at his time so the time available to work on the project is limited and dependant in donated time among its devs.

A bunch of really clever folks (my part was minute, just helping in testing and changing the name) have worked on RAVE. It’s not perfect but probably the best third party tool available at this time (unless you want to do it using Resolve, but that means having to launch a large video program and learning it to do the basic file management needed.