How do I find my "VST Sound" the VST 2 paths?

My VST Sounds are in all kinds of different places after updating and upgrading my HDD’s ever since SX3.

I’d like to clear out the VST Sounds that I am not using, and make sure my paths are set to my SATA6 drive.

Isn’t there a way to view the paths that each VI is using, like viewing the VST2 path(s) in VST Information?


Bump…tryin to clean up my PC/libraries.

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I could be wrong so someone please correct me…

As far as I can tell the VST paths show differently in CB8

Go to Devices > Plug-in Manager. You can then click on each plug-in on the “VST Effects” and “VST Instrument” pages to see it’s path in the bottom half of the screen called “Plug-in Information” (the italic “I” icon at the bottom must be pressed to see the paths). You can also see a list of the VST2 plug-in paths by changing the settings for the “Plug-in Information” section by clicking on the “gear” icon at the bottom.

Seeing the path information was easier in CB7 as it showed the paths in a list of vst’s on a couple of screens and you did not have to click on each vst to see the path. So if you have CB7, look for the path information there instead and do a “print screen” or something like that.

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Ur right…and thanks!

But it turns out I’m actually looking for the path to the content/samples/libraries for each Steinberg VSTi…not the location of the .dll. Sorry for the poor wording.

I looked all over both Halion and GA SE and especially within their “Options” tab and don’t see an option or path to the content library. This is a super common trait with sample-player VSTs right, to choose the content folder path/location? I know that NI instruments always have this easy to access.