How do I fix a time signature and tempo at a point in time when working with video in Cubase ?

How do I fix a time signature and tempo at a point in time, and keep events there, when working with video in Cubase ?

Using a time signature track and tempo track, working with virtual instruments and audio…

So let’s say I have a video 3 minutes long with different time signature and tempo changes. It starts in 4/4 but there is a change of tempo at 1 minute 20

Then, at 2 minutes 10 secs, there is a signature change and tempo change to meet a visual hit point.

Now, let’s say I want to keep everything in place at 2m10s and beyond, but I want to make changes in between to the time signature and tempo.

If I change the time signature or tempo, Cubase moves the events.

How do I keep the events etc at 2m10s? How do I do this without Cubase moving all those events ?

Musical timebase vs. linear timebase.


Thanks for the reply, sadly this doesn’t resolve the particular issue.

If you have 2 time signatures (or more) and then add another node in between with a different time signature on the time signature line , Cubase does not reposition the relative midi/audio in relation to the time signature change.

The next time signature will move positionally in time to reflect the time difference caused by the key signature and any tempo change BUT the audio events etc itself will remain at their same position in time (in either Linear or Musical mode), leaving the audio one side or the other of the next time signature change, depending upon tempo changes.

I used the Reinterpret Bars of the Process Bars dialog and this seems to have worked for this particular instance, but that won’t work every time because it’s based on bars.

But I guess otherwise every track would need to be moved by hand to the new position of the next time signature do this? Unless there is a better way to do this?

Obviously, a video hit point might occur mid bar in relation to the prior section of music, but I want the music/sounds on the hit point to be on the first beat of a new bar. The hitpoint also marks the start of a new time signature.

How do you get Cubase to work out the beat sub divisions (e.g. 1 bar of 2/4) and/or tempo acceleration/deceleration needed to ensure you hit a hit point in a video where you want to sync it with the first beat of a new bar (where it does not naturally align?) - and especially when the new bar on that hit point has a new time signature ?

This is a problem that many of us still have to deal with. The nightmare is having to work to different cuts of picture.

This is why I try to keep tempo changes in the project to a minimum!