How do I fix my expression map for rolls with VDL mallet instruments?

Recently, I’ve been learning about how to integrate VDL samples into Dorico, but I haven’t been able to find any specific to the mallet instruments and creating an expression map to control the stroke technique (CC1 controller). Specifically, I’m working with the rosewood marimba med. sample, but several of the VDL change sounds in the same manner.

I made an expression map that changes the CC1 value to 127 for notes with tremolos (rolled notes), which works well, except that if there’s a rest after a rolled note, the CC1 value is immediately set back to 1 at the end of the note, which causes an unnaturally sudden, chopped release with no resonance. Is there a way to have the CC1 value not change at the end of a note (or during a rest), or perhaps a way to make it to where the CC1 value doesn’t change until at the start of the next ‘natural’ note?

I know that I could just not use an expression map and manually draw in CC1 changes in Play mode, but if there’s a way to fix the expression map, that would be brilliant.

Welcome to the forum, Jordan. Unfortunately there’s no way to tell Dorico that the controller shouldn’t be reset at the end of the note. I’m not sure how best we could handle this automatically, but I’ll make a note of it as something for us to think about as we continue to enrich the capabilities of playback automation via expression maps.

I appreciate the reply Daniel, and I very much love the fact that you and other developers/experts are so active in the forums helping the mere mortals like myself. I am very much enjoying using Dorico (I come from using Finale for over a decade) and I am excited about future features and improvements!

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