How do I force a page to contain 5 staves without auto frame break?

Was writing when suddenly an auto frame break kicked in to boot out one of the staves. How do I move back into 5 staves instead of 4?

Dorico’s decided that based on the height of the content, and the minimum gaps between staves and systems (found in Layout Options > Vertical Spacing) there isn’t sufficient space for five systems on that page.

You could force the fifth system on by selecting something at the start of bar one and something at the end of the fifth system and using the Make Into Frame button, but in the long run it’s more efficient to reduce the gaps in Layout Options > Vertical Spacing, as for this layout you’ll only need to do it once and if you want to carry that through to other projects you can do so using the Save as Default button in the bottom left corner of Layout Options.

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Gotta try it out, thanks for being so elaborate, deeply appreciated! :slight_smile: