How do I freeze external hardware effects and instruments?

I’ve configured eFX1-4 and using them as sends in my project. These are hardware sends/returns.

Now, I’d like to “freeze” them somehow so that I can turn my external gear off. Is there a one-shot process to do that (in real-time ofc) or do I have to record the output of every such track with sends manually?

How do folks deal with hardware sends/returns in general?


I’m learning that its a major PITA to have hardware inserts due to project recall. I’ll have to fire up my old mac pro to get the effects running. :unamused:

You would have to do an Export using the Channel Batch Export, and set it to Import Into Project.
There are no Freeze or Render In Place option on Fx/Group channels

Thanks for the clarification. That sucks. :frowning: Atleast an offline render on the sample editor would make things so much easier.

I would really love to be able to use the offline history with external effects… it would awesome to be able to do that…