How do I generate audio from a midi file?

I’ve scoured the manual ‘generate audio’ no such string, etc, I’ve selected everything but Audio > Bounce Selection is not enabled - nothing seems to work. Will someone give me a clue :slight_smile:

It’s a MIDI track with one vsti in it.

Thanks - rev

-Export - audio mixdown
-Record from busses

Thank you!

Also, once you set the options to bring it into the project and use project directory, it will stay that way until you change it. All you have to do is change the name of the generated audio file each time and it’s quick and easy from there.

I DO think it would be cool if we could right click a context menu from a midi track and get a quick option to do the same thing. Much like the way we can duplicate a track in that way. :bulb:

I’m a Sonar user and in Sonar you select the MIDI track and the corresponding vsti then Bounce to Tracks. One way isn’t better than another necessarily - you just need to know the steps!