How do I get a refund?

Hi all,

There is nothing worse than buying something and not being able to use it, am I right?

It’s been a month since I have (so how managed) to email Steinburg and get a “mythical & ellusive” ticket number. I bought a VST loop and Cubase can’t find it. All I wanted was some help on how to get it into CB11 and I have heard zip. I am now contemplating a refund, as I found a similar VST on Native Instruments which works no problem in CB11. I am already delay with the project I am working on and money is tight.

Hopefully, in this wonderfully more eye catching forum , someone will be able to help me without suggesting to us a phone to call Steinberg direct. Many thanks in advance for any help

You will have to take up the refund with the retailer you bought it from. Not sure anybody here can sort that out for you ?

If you post the issues you are having (ideally without ranting !) - then hopefully somebody will help.

Probably best to start a new thread or edit the thread title if you want help fixing it ?

Thank you Dr.

I have posted on the forums already, on several threads that had the same issue and created my own. I have not had a conclusion. And this VST was bought from the Stienburg page, so surely someone here can help!!!

The customer service is non existent. I have 2 open tickets with ‘support’ that were posted 16 days ago and no response. Frankly it’s disgusting contempt for loyal customers. I’ve been using Cubase since the Atari ST days. There is an over-reliance on these forums. The only other way is to phone a German number with the costs that that would incur, and would anyone answer anyway? I’m making plans to move to Logic. Enough is enough

hi Matt

We all love to rant but and yes I agree that Steinberg Support doesn’t always (ever!) respond. It’s hugely frustrating I know. The original poster here had an issue with a refund so he needs deal with the retailer.

I’m the same and started on Cubase v1 on ST (and pro24 before that!) - so it’s a shame after all these years to throw all your toys out of the pram because you didn’t get a response.

Why not start a new thread and see if people on this forum can help ?


if you are talking about your VST sound issue can I suggest you start a new thread - you replied to one from 2013 and that’s not always the best way to get the problem resolved.

just my opinion obviously :slight_smile:

@Dr.Strangelove, thanks for the advice. I will try that.
And try not to sound so annoyed and frustrated :wink:

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I understand your frustration @Matt_G.
I’m hoping that things are changing, as this nicer forum seems to be more simple to interact with. Lets hope that Steinberg come up with a better solution for technical problem, that many other companies have introduced. Like EastWest’s live chat or Pro Sounds one click message service.

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Live chat would be great. You are indeed the voice of reason, but it’s sad that you are in effect doing Steinberg’s job for them. It’s very difficult not to get annoyed when your livelihood relies on this software, and there are plenty of other companies out there that realise the value of communication. One of my issues is the double-click returning to the previous start point, which I see has been discussed on this forum and a Steinberg employee has said will be rectified in a future update at some point. The other I’ll put a post up, but as it’s e-licenser related I suspect I do need direct help. Thanks and all the best