How do I Get Cubase 5 to see Hollywood Brass?

Hello everyone,
I have been working on Cubase 5 for a few years. I Installed the 32 bit version on a Win 64bit HP quadcore. I recently purchased EW Hollywood Brass Silver edition. After an excruciating 2 weeks of troubleshooting i finally managed to have all the licence software activating properly and the PLAY software to finally work in conjunction. Now I can’t figure how to have Cubase 5 see the software so i can load it as an instrument.
Can you please help?

Hi and welcome,

Make sure, you installed 32bit Play plug-in version, please.

Then make sure, you set the path to the Play.DLL file (32-bit) in the Devices > Plug-in Information > VST2.X plug-in Path.

What is the reason for 32-bit Cubase on 64-bit system please? WastWest libraries need a lot of RAM. You would definitely profit, if you have more then 2GB RAM on your system.