How do I get Dorico to make a trem keyswitch?

Hi all

I am using EWQLSO strings which have specific recorded tremolo effects which sound way better than simply repeating a note very fast. But how do I get Dorico to make the keyswitch instruction using Expression Maps? If I use the Dorico tremolo symbols, it just tries to repeat the note quickly. I can’t see a ‘tremolo’ playing technique that I can add in the Expression Map.



There is a “tremolo” playback technique already defined. If it is not defined in the expression map for an instrument, Dorico generates repeated notes instead.

By default, 3 tremolo lines gives an unmeasured tremolo which triggers the playing technique. 1 or 2 lines give a measured tremolo playing notes that match the notated rhythm. You can change the number of lines for unmeasured tremolos in Playback Options / Timing / Tremolos.

Experiment with the bundled HALion sounds for strings. Look at the playing techniques lane in Play mode and the HALion display to see when the “tremolo” key switch activates.

Am I correct that four slashes is not currently assigned to any Playback Technique. Would that make it available for a custom implementation?

Thanks Rob - I get it now and have it working well!

With the default playback options, 1 and 2 slashes play measured tremolos (i.e. individual notes in the written rhythm) and 3 or more set the “tremolo” playback technique if it is defined, or play notes as a fixed repetition rate (independent of the tempo) if it is not.

You could change it so 1 2 and 3 play measured and 4 or more play unmeasured, if that is what you meant.

Probably in an earlier version, I found that four slashes (and buzz roll) gave me no playback. I therefore thought that if it were not pre-defined one might associate it with a custom technique in one’s VST as posts above seemed to want to do.