How do I get license for my cubase 11 pro?

I just downloaded Cubase 11 Pro since cubase 5 can’t be found as original without cracks.

By finding a used one out there somewhere, or a store that has old retail boxes that contain the USB Key. (pretty rare but you might find one.)

Steinberg only sells the latest version.

There was a suggestion in the forum in the past few days that the Download Access Code in a retail boxed copy of Cubase 11 activated as Cubase Pro 12 on Steinberg Licensing with no eLicenser licence for earlier versions. This is consistent with previous Steinberg policies, that you get the latest version at the time of activation.

The only way for @phuthumani805 to get a Cubase Pro 11 licence at this stage is to buy used. It is important to ensure that any purchase has not been used to upgrade to Cubase Pro 12.

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Any suggestions where I can find used ones even if it Cubase 5 I would appreciate that I’m really disparate for it plus it been a while since 2019 because I had to focus at school work since it was my first year at Varsity :pensive::pensive:

Why are you so desperate to buy Cubase 11 now that Cubase 12 has been released?

If you must have a pre-Cubase 12 edition, your best bet is to find a Cubase Pro 11 licence that has not been upgraded to Cubase 12. That will run any version of Cubase using the USB eLicenser technology up to any including version 11.

It is up to you to find someone selling a second-hand licence and accept any risk in the transaction. Make sure the seller has deregistered the USB eLicenser from their My Steinberg account and that you register it in yours after receipt.

It seems like I have to take that risk thanks for the sugestions though :fist_right: :fist_left: :handshake:

Reverb does not permit used software sales.

It is really tough to find a legit used license these days. There is mainly scam after scam, everything from credit card fraud, where people buy licenses using stolen credit cards, then resell them. By the time the user tries to update to the next version, the fraud had been discovered, and the person would get the bad news that their elicenser has been blocked.

There was a spate of that particular crime a couple years ago.

I just had a look on Ebay and saw these:
Steinberg Cubase pro version 12 full | eBay, and
Steinberg Cubase pro version 10.5 full | eBay

Both listings were ended by the seller. If you examine the listings you will see they are offering an impossible product.

Amazon is no better, in the listing @SF_Green included, the single review reported that they received a download access code that had already been used. The manufacturer is listed as something called “Genesis Software.” And that was a supposedly new item.

They only safe way to buy used Steinberg software is to follow the resale wizard: registered | Steinberg

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Glossed over the needs to be used and previously registered part.
That’s an unfortunate policy that old unregistered versions have to be upgraded when registered.

Your best bet might be on Reddit or Discord in the Cubase sections. You sometimes see people looking to sell older versions there that want to move on to another DAW.

The only 100% way to be sure you are buying a legit used license is to buy a dongle, and transfer the license in person from the seller onto your new dongle.

This way, you can be sure the dongle has not been blacklisted due to some previous fraud.

Or buy it from a store that guarantees the legitimacy of the purchase.

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Normally this policy is in the consumer’s interest - they get a free upgrade to the latest version but the licence has full downgrade rights. However, the switch to Steinberg Licensing means a new Cubase 12 activation cannot use any older version.

Steinberg face a challenge; they want to move people away from eLicenser and to drop the requirement to buy a USB eLicenser. Perhaps this is a case of “you can’t please everyone”.

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Do you know if someone with a new boxed Cubase 11 could contact support and get their license registered manually without upgrading to 12? It would be nice if Steinberg would be a little accommodating of people’s needs, and not draw such a hard line under the transition to the S.A.M.

About that I would have no info…