how do I get loops from mediabay to follow tempo?


I have been watching several tutorials on how to use the media bay and the loops always seem to automatically follow
the tempo of the song. All they do is drag the loop into the project

however, that does not happen for me, the loops stay the original tempo. Also some of the buttons are missing
like “align beat to project” and “wait for project play”, they are just no there. I just upgraded to cubase 9 so I am working on a song which was originally created in cubase 8, dont know if that matters.

Anyhow, does anyone know what setting I need to change for this to work?

thanks in advance!


Do you have Cubase Pro? I wonder about these missing buttons. Could you send a screenshot, please?

To follow the tempo of the project, enable Musical Mode of the Audio event.

Ahh, I just realized that these missing buttons is when I choose a midi loop, ofcourse it does not need to be time strechted. however problem still there, the midifile does not come inte the project with the accurate bar lengh and tempo.

I do have cubase pro 9. if we are talking audio files in the media bay, do I need change to musical mode somewhere in media bay, or do I set that globally some way so that everyting I import from the media bay will be adjusted?

Thanks for the help really! I’ve recording and mixing live instruments only sofar so using loops is completely new to me

For the Audio events, you can enable Musical Mode in the Info line, once you select the Audio event. Or you can do so in the Pool. You cannot set it globally or MediaBay.

Regarding the MIDI loops, I really wonder about this. MIDI is strongly tempo dependent.

For anyone else looking at this later like me…here is a/another way I found to do it. Pretty sure when I used to drag in an audio file from the Media bay I was having the same issue you are having, but I just found a button at the bottom of the Media explorer which has a little quarter note symbol with a “play” arrow/triangle on its right. This button when you hover over it says “Align beats to Project” and when you press it, selecting any drum loop (audio) will play in time with your active track. Midi for me has always played in time with the active track, and adjusted to track bpm when dragged and dropped. If you have the “Align beats to Project” activated (it will show as white) dragging and dropping audio should also adjust the audio sample to match the bpm of your track.