How do I get more Control Room Cues?


I am finally understanding the power of the Control Room and am aware that you can have 4 x Cues. If I want 5, for example, how do I have 5? Drums, Bass, Guitar, Lead Guitar and Vox?

Is it possible or is this a feature request? If I use my Motu Cuemix I can set up as many as I have physical outputs.



Hi you, it is a Feature request if you Need/want to have it done via the control room. What you can do of course is to use some of the regular sends routed to a dedicated Output bus for the purpose of an additional cuemix. Of course this does not provide all the Features of the control room.

Cheers, Ernst

Ah ok! Well thanks for letting me know. I think a minimum of 5 is essential but 6 would be better (for Keys). I shall just make do with 4 at the moment!