How do I get my brackets/braces back in Galley View?

In the process of implementing my new workflow, I’ve gotten rid of my ensemble woodwind and brass staves, and replaced them with solo staves.

This resulted in my entire brass section looking like this (i.e. no braces/brackets):

I re-bracketed/re-braced the section by hand in Engrave mode, but I’m seeing the fix only in Page View. Am I just out of luck for Galley View?

What’s the bracket ensemble type set to in Layout Options? If you delete the bracket/barline change at the start of the flow (the brown signpost) what happens?

If neither produces a better result, perhaps share a cut-down of the project so someone can take a look as that’s probably not expected.


I get the default bracketing, which is fine. I’ve lost all of my other custom bracketing now, but I can just redo it. Thanks!

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