How do I get my Voxengo Curve presets back?

I recently upgraded my computer, AND I upgraded from Wavelab 9 (still on my old computer) to Wavelab 9.5 (now on my new computer). I had a bunch of presets for Voxengo Curve - curve analysis of various songs… How can I get the presets from Wavelab 9 on my old computer into Wavelab 9.5 on the new computer?

I tried to start Wavelab 9 on the old computer hoping maybe I could export the presets somehow, but Wavelab 9 is telling me there is no license - even with the elicenser installed there… because the elicenser license has been upgraded to 9.5…

Do I now have to reanalyze all of the songs I had analyzed in Curve? - or can I get those presets back somehow?


You need to update the eLicenser Control Center database for your old computer to be able to see your Wavelab 9.5 license.

This can be done by either running it then running maintenance tasks or downloading the latest version of the program here:

I tried running the elicenser control center with dongle in on the old computer (Dell Precision 390 running Windows 10 32-bit) - and it did the maintenance - and it updated the database… but on the old computer, it shows no Wavelab license at all now - even when the dongle is plugged into that computer. If I move the dongle to the new computer (Dell XPS running Windows 10 64-bit), Wavelab 9.5 is shown fine on the elicenser control center…

Does it matter that the new computer is 64-bit, and the old one is 32-bit? Both are Windows 10…

I found the .vstpreset files and copied them to the new computer… I tried “organizing” presets in Wavelab 9.5 on the new computer, but it doesn’t recognize any of the files. It can view the folder, but it shows the folder as empty… If I view the folder though in Windows Explorer, the files are all there - Wavelab just doesn’t see them for some reason…

I’m guessing the problem is because they were generated on a 32-bit machine, and I’m trying to open them on a 64-bit machine? I may just have to recreate them all again… Oh well… not a big deal… was just hoping to save some time and import them somehow.

If you used it on a 32 bit machine, now on the 64bit machine do you have the plugin working then?

There must be another way…

Yeah, the plugin works fine on both computers… it’s just the default voxengo curve plugin that comes with wavelab.

With the Curve EQ open in 9.1, in the presets area you should see an option for “organize presets”. When selected, it should reveal where WaveLab 9.1 is looking for the Curve EQ presets.

Then if you do the same in 9.5, maybe you can see where 9.5 is looking for the presets and copy over the preset files manually.

Even if you transferred your prefs, perhaps a folder name changed somewhere and the presets were not automatically found.

Did you try this?

To me i think it is now in the Wavelab 9.5 folder…