How do I get old Macros back?

I have a bunch of Macro commands that I programmed in previous versions in 9, 10 and 11. They are very useful for MIDI editing, but they no longer function when I try them, and some are even greyed out. How can I get them back? I have the old AppData from the 10 and 11 versions.

In your Preferences folder, there is a file named Key Commands.xml, which contains, among others, the active key commands list with their defined shortcuts and a Macros section which have all the macros available in your Cubase setup, with their commands.

So, what I would do is :

  • Quit Cubase
  • In the Preferences folder, rename the current Key Commands.xml to something else or, better, move it in a safe place, just in case.
  • Add the previous functional Key Commands.xml one, as a replacement.
  • Relaunch Cubase.
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I tried that with 7 previous versions of Key Commands and they still do not function.
I tried also the Key Commands folder under “presets” as well looking for differences in the Presets->Logical Editor and Presets->Project Logical Editor (all the files were the same to the previous versions).

BTW- the MIDI->Logical Editor does not open anymore. Is this utility broken in Cubase 12 or later?

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The C13 Logical Editor works exactly as expected, here, including old presets of mine made for it, back to C6.5.5 or even earlier.
I am beginning to wonder if you shouldn’t reinstall Cubase completely, at this stage…