How do I get one system out of these last two?

I did “Make into System” and “Move to Next System”. No joy. What’s the solution?

Does this help?

Is your goal to bring bar 76 onto the previous system? If so, you can use Make Into System, but you need to select the first note of bar 70 as well as the note in bar 76, then click Make Into System. Or you can use Move to Previous System to move bar 76 back to the previous system.

Also (since we are only talking about one note here), if your note spacing is set to 4 in Layout options, try 3 1/2 to see if that will make a difference and still look okay.

Yes, you’re right. I tried all those things, but no joy. Could it have something to do with the fact that the last note is incomplete? It’s one of those things where Bach put the repeat bar between the 2nd and 3rd note in the 3/4 time. The Allemande and the Courante had the same situation, but no problems.
I tried using Layout Options/Page Setup/Space Size to shrink the notes to one size smaller. The whole thing snapped right into place perfectly across all six flows. I guess that’s what it was meant to do. Could the problem have been one of overcrowding–trying to cram too many notes onto the page?

That is kind of a radical change… You could try inserting a note spacing change somewhere before that system, I find this solution to be very elegant and efficient. It solves most issues about overcrowded systems.

It depends on what existing system breaks you had around this point; your screenshot didn’t show any, but without seeing the project it’s hard to determine.

You should only change the staff size if necessary and appropriate for the music’s purpose (go too small and a performer will struggle to read it, etc).

Thanks, all. Your advice spurred me to re-set the notes to their former note size. When I did that, the thing straightened out the worst bits, leaving me with another chance to tweak it just so. Maybe not kosher, but it’s all good.

Thanks. That’s what I did, and it worked. I was trying to push it one notch bigger. This music is for my own use. I use a tablet with a strong pair of reading glasses. The bigger the notes the better, but there’s a limit.