How do I get regions to merge automatic?

Sometimes I seem to loose my way in Cubase.

I want a newly recorded region to merge with the previous regions on the same track. Let’s say I have a region going from bar 1 to 5. When I continue recording the next 4 bars I start recording at bar 5. Cubase creates 2 separate regions and that’s not so good because the VST expressions get kind of cut up.
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I want Cubase to automatic merge the previous regions on the track with the new one, how can that be accomplished?

If you start recording

  • before the end of the first part,
  • inside the Key Editor
  • with its Record button turned on,

…it will work the way you are after.

Hi Steve.
I can’t make it work. I have made a video of the problem.

I don’t know if the Vimeo link works, here it is from Dropbox:

Regards Stig

but as I said,

I have/had the same problem. Attempting to resume recording midi on the same region … it would always create a new region, regardless of where you were recording from, including in the key editor.

then, I figured out what “with its Record button turned on.” It’s a small control in the upper left of the key editor. See image here.
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