How do I get RevX and the integrated fx working?


I have an issue with getting the RevX and the Cannel Strip for the MR816CSX working. I have noticed that I have to automap some files, but don’t know which ones…

Could someone guide me through this, to solve my problems?
Im using a MacBook Pro with Cubase 7.

  1. Open the MR editor Software

  2. Select Setup

  3. Find the box that says Digital I/O External FX box

  4. Change that box to say External FX

  5. exit out of there and close the MR editor, save changes on exit as well

  6. open Cubase and insert and audio track

  7. go to your insert on the inspector for that channel

  8. Look for MR816

  9. Down arrow to open that folder and select the REVX Plate, Hall or Room

the same process if you want to use a send, just set up and EFFECTS channel and put the REVX on that channel, use the send on on your audio track to adjust the volume of the send