How do I get rid of the Status Line?

Just a minor niggle, but a niggle nonetheless.
Whenever I load a project the Status Line is always visible.
Even after unchecking in Windows Layout, then saving, after reloading a project the Status Line reappears.

This occurs in 6.0.5 64bit and also previously in 6.0.3

How do I get rid of the Status Line permanently? Am I missing something?

Still can’t resolve this. Guess I’m the only one with a permanent Status Line :confused:

Y’know, I tested this, and my status line is always hidden however I leave it set!!! No problem for me because I’ve never used it. But, it makes me notice that it’s no longer at the bottom like it used to be… Change for change’s sake I guess. Anyway, can’t help you apart from to say rename or delete the prefs dir and see if this fixes it.


Aloha and +1