How do I get slurs playback?

I noticed that the slurs are not being played back, and actually most of the articulations and dynamics aren’t playing back. I am using an instrument loaded in kontakt 5 that make suse of key switches.

You will need to make sure you have set up an appropriate VST Expression Map in Play > Setup Expression Maps.

Thanks Daniel. Is a VST Expression Map the same as a sound-set as used in S.?

I tried to get a slur playback, for this I choose Legato from the Technique menu and assigned the key switch that I found in the sample library I use (which is Kirk Hunter solo clarinet). The keys witch isn’t triggered though. Is there something else I need to do to get a key switch triggered in the Kontakt player? Is maybe the ID tag important to find the kontakt player? I attached a screenshot. Thanks!

btw, legato is called Smooth in this library.
Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 12.14.42.jpg

As long as you’ve remembered to click the cog wheel and select the correct Expression map there should be no additional steps to make it work. :slight_smile:

The clarinet is probably responding to CC1 (modwheel) rather than Velocity, so you should change that - (althougn most KH libraries respond to both, velocity is only for the attack and not the sustain portion of the notes) - and you should also enter some further articulations. Espesially NATURAL, and configure that to KS 23 (in this case). The Natural articul. is the one returned to by default once the slur ends…

Thanks, right now KS are being triggered as it looks randomly, no idea what is going on. As far as I can see, there are only two articulations in the score (staccato and legato), so I don’t understand why for example the QuickRip in the patch is triggered.

Another problem with Kirk Hunter is that he has only one KS for triggering both the Whole and Halve trills and let’s the key of the piece determine which one is needed, how would I configure this in the Expression Map?

First I mentioned natural as KS23, Sorry it should be 29… I just enlarged your screen shot :slight_smile:

Dorico also seems to have only one articulation for TRILL… IIRC they don’t play back yet, but I would guess that there will be trills signs with accidentals later on (and hopefully also “1/2” and “1/1” to avoid problems in transposing instrument parts), as Halion has KS’es for both whole and half trills (at least some of the patches).

When you say I should add CC1, is this what you mean? I added this to every articulation, so now they have the correct KS and the CC1. (screenshot)
Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 17.51.37.png

Thanks! Now everything works correctly.

You can already choose trills with accidentals in the lower panel and choose the interval playback, but I could not get the playback to work yet.

Yes, you can specify that in the Properties, but they don’t transpose correctly. Also, it’s anyone’s guess how this will translate into playback. As long as Dorico generates the trill, there should be no problems, but how one triggers sampled whole and half tone trills (which most libraries supply) is unclear at this stage. In contemporary art music key signatures are rare and hardly the proper way to govern trill intervals…

Trill playback is not yet implemented. As you note, the mechanism for triggering whole vs half-tones is unclear (for us too as yet!).

How can I reset a key switch back to its previous technique? I believe for this the term Natural is being used, but I don’t understand how this can be activatied in my library. (Kirk Hunter). KW 23 doesn’t work.

It should be 29. see my post above…

KS 29 is already taken by the spiccato technique.

This apparently varies from instrument to instrument then… the clarinet pic you referenced yesterday had 29 for (the most) normal articulation… you have to make one Expression map for every instrument or instrument group, depending on how they’re set up…

Ah ok, I see, so natural is reserved for the common used articulation, as for example legato, makes sense. I remember that in Sibelius in a sound-set you would actually enter the term nat. in the score. Thanks for clarifying.