How do I get the audio into the entire track

As you can see there is something missing in the top two tracks. I opened up the pool, found the audio clip and now need it to go back into the entire track . I try it and it will only insert one clip. It won’t load back to where it was, only one small clip at the end of the track…any help?

I moved a folder earlier from DESKTOP- Documents to a new location on a different drive. Then after discovering something was wrong, I moved the folder back but there are whole missing tracks with no audio just the gray wave blocks with no sound in them in the whole track. It says under construction. I’m pretty sure I can get it to restore the audio for the whole track from the second image here but I keep running in circles.

Unfortunately this is the kind of file mess that can occur when folks aren’t careful about where they put their Projects.

For future Projects set Cubase to prompt you for a location when the Project is created. And then when you create a new Project always put it into a new Folder dedicated to that Project and only that Project. This will keep you from loosing Audio files in the future. Lot’s of folks will have a Folder for all their music Projects and sub-folders under that for each Project.

On this Project after you find or restore your missing files, make a clean new copy of the Project using File>Back up Project… - this will let you create a new Folder for the Project & will copy all the files into it.

Actually no, I can’t tell at all from the pic what you think is missing.

But it sounds like maybe you have an Audio Event on a Track that you’d like to replicate to fill out a section. If so you can select the Event and use ctrl+d to duplicate the Event. You cold also Hover over the middle of the right edge of the Event & a control will appear which you can drag to create copies. There’s also a command Edit>Functions>Repeat…

That’s not really referring to the actual Audio. Instead Cubase is trying to create a graphic image of the waveform that it will use in the Project Window. Since the Audio file is missing it can’t draw the image. You can safely ignore this.

FWIW Windows comes with an App called Snip & Sketch which is much easier to use for screenshots than taking a photo.

But how do I find that whole audio track -the one in the picture that has Image Under Construction?
When I start the project it wants to help me find missing files but the one I need isn’t listed and I haven’t been able to locate it on my own.Actually I want to restore the whole track from the Resolve Missing Files. I’ve read the instructions in Cubase Help but that Search- Choose file and then Search hasn’t worked-where it’s supposed to find the files automatically.

There’s no real way to answer that. Most likely the file got misplaced somewhere on your computer while moving the Project around. You can use Window’s search capability to try & find it. Or perhaps you accidentally deleted it - check the Recycle Bin. You might get stuck having to recreate it.

Good luck.

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One bit of clarification. Unlike some other DAWs, in Cubase a Track isn’t a fundamental element that you could ‘restore’ - rather it’s more like a container that holds Events and Parts which are the basic elements that Projects are constructed from. For example you generally don’t edit Tracks you edit Parts & Events which are on the Track.

One other possibility is that the Audio File isn’t really missing and something else is causing the image to not get drawn. If you play the Project do you hear/see any audio from that Track?

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