How do I get the channel names via MIDI?


I’m making a MIDI daw controller for Cubase 10 Pro. Each channel has an oled display, that shows each channel’s name.
The Yamaha and the HUI protocolls send a MIDI message with the names, and also send messages when I modify the names, but they can handle only the first 24 channels. My controller has 32 channels, and I also want displays on the 8-channel group section.

I can transmit the channel names via Sysex messages, but I have to make a MIDI channel for it, and I have to rewrite the names every time the channel names are modified, so it’s sluggish.

I haven’t found any solutions in the Generic remote section to get the channel names. Is it possible somehow to get the channel names for 24+ channels like the HUI protocol?

There is a dedicated forum for third-party developers over here. You might ask Yvan for some advice!