How do I get the Halion content visible?

Hello dear Cubaser,
I switched my laptop to a new Windows 11 and reinstalled my Cubase 12 Pro. Unfortunately I don’t see the Halion content. There is only one piano available. What can I do to make the content that was just installed visible in the Halion?
Thank you

There’s a little button in Halion called “rescan disk” - that has worked for me

Thanks for the tip, unfortunately it didn’t help in this case.

In the meantime I have found the solution. It was due to the history of my Cubase installation. I set up a new Windows 11 machine and installed Cubase under the account created with my Microsoft account. Since I then realized that my band members would later log in with my Microsoft account, I created a new “Music” account. Then I installed Cubase 12 again. This installation interferes with that of the other account. A warning about this would have been really helpful…grrr.
Completely uninstalled Cubase using the instructions below

After a new Cubase installation it works again…

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