How do I get the Logical Editor to work in the project window?

When I select a MIDI part in the project window, then apply a function in the Logical Editor it doesn’t do anything.
It only seems to work from the MIDI editor window.

Is there a way I can apply it from the project window?

It should work. Can you specify?

Hi there

it certainly works here, I have a macro set up for velocity adjust using the LE which I use all the time.

Best Regards, Dave

It’s working here too. Some points to look out for:

  • If you have a midi TRACK selected, but not any parts, it’s greyed out.
  • If you have a midi PART with NO EVENTS inside (blank), it’s greyed out.
  • If you have midi part with events inside AND:
    the lower zone editor is open, BUT:
    the project window has focus AND the part is deselected in the project view, it’s greyed out.

Maybe one of these applies?

User error!! Thanks guys. I found out what was blocking it.

I was trying this with commands that have a filter condition for notes: “property is set”, “event is selected”.

When selecting a MIDI part from the project window it does not select the notes themselves, therefore the LE has nothing to apply to.

I removed this line from the editor and the application works on the selected part from the project window.