How Do I Get The MixConsole To Be Always On Top?

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Hopefully an easy one that I’m just not seeing…

In CB7.5 it was easy to right click anywhere on the mixconsole and check the “Always On Top” option. This kept the mixconsole always on top of the project window. Is there a way to do this in CB8?

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In Cubase Artist 8 how do you make the Mixer always on top? I can’t find the option anywhere?

In Cubase 8 Pro I can’t find it too. Also still no AOT for edit windows (key editor, sample editor)…no luck this time :frowning:

Yeah it seems to not be available any more for the mixer. If it is available then I don’t know where the option is. The mixer keeps disappearing behind windows when I click on the arrangement making Cubase 8 very difficult to use.

I asked the same question a little earlier and no answers yet… :frowning:

So, it looks like CB8 was designed to have each open item be its own window. For me (working with one monitor) that means I will need to revise my typical way of working projects. Instead of having a maximized project window with the “Always on Top” mixconsole and a small transport window strategically placed over that project window I will need to size each of these windows and the main CB window to fit somewhere on the screen so that they do not overlap. You loose some space doing it this way but until they add the mixconsole “always on top” feature back (or if someone else figures out how to activate the mixconsole “always on top”) that’s the way I’m going to do it. It’s a PIA but it is much better than having to switch back and forth because of disappearing overlapping windows. It looks weird seeing my windows desktop screen between these windows but… again, that’s how I’m going to do it until I figure out something better. Maybe it is time for a 2nd (or 3rd) monitor. Blah!

Good luck with your workflow revisions. Too bad, I liked the way 7.5 handled this concern.

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Also, save those setups as workspaces. The process is easy now, so getting between various “views” is way better. But, yeah AOT is gone from the Mixer.

And full screen mixer option are gone too.

Thats exactly my problem. I think large 4k tv will solve this. But …

Up to 7.5, I tried the “old” way of resizing the base window across multiple monitors but I found that didn’t suit my particular case (using more than just Cubase, and with different-sized monitors). This new way works much better for me but, yes, everyone is different and so we will all have to review how we work. There are some problems for sure with the implementation on Windows 7 but I’m still working though those … perhaps some graphics driver issues, but they really need to fix that auto-hiding taskbar issue … that’s just plain wrong!

Out of interest, am I right in thinking this really needs at least one Full HD monitor (1920x1080) to be able to work comfortably? I’m guessing this is what the developers were using.

? I run the mixer full screen on a second monitor. It has it’s own max/min icons. So, not sure what you mean.

As Luis explained here, “fullscreen should not be needed anymore”, but there is a difference between “full screen” and “maximized window”.

That’s being semantically cute. Full screen was a way to emulate maximize in the C7 crappy MDI implementation. Now that the mixconsole is it’s own “window” in the new crappy MDI, and it can be properly maximized to the “full screen”. The one disadvantage is losing real-estate to the window border (which you can adjust somewhat in windows prefs by the way).

oh no… how are we supposed to work on 1 Monitor?

The way I worked was open VST INSTR Window and play something with it while the tune loops. Then I want to change some volume of some channel just pressed F3 - which brought the always-on-top mixer just on top where I could change a fader. then I pressed F3 again and all was like before: the VST INSTR was on top and the song looping I could just go on and play.

Not thats gone. I have to CLOSE the VST INSTR WIndow open Mixer change fader close mixer and Open VST INSTR window again.

Why? are we supposed to work differently… I must say I dont know what workspaces are for and all that I just want a maximized Project window… i dont need to see the mixer all the time… I only need to see it when I want to MIX something.

PLEASE!!! I PAY MONEY!!! give me always on top for the mixer back!! PLEASE

How much money for that option? is it in Nuendo? Are we slowly forced to switch to Nuendo? I can live with that, just must know is it there?

I am afraid this is going to be again one of the things we’re going to be stuck with for a long time.
I could be wrong but I don’t think this has been reported as an issue.

There currently are 52 collected issues and this is maybe half of the actual reported ones (I actually wonder what is happening with the uncollected ones and why they haven’t been “collected” yet).
Then there are the issues that have been carried over from previous versions. That’s one long list. If we’re really lucky SB will fix half of those by 8.5 or so (a year from now?), and then they’ll just move on to developing 9, where again we’ll have 1-2 nice new features accompanied by another 50 “collected” issues. You see where I am going with this?
If it’s not on the collected issues list, it’s not even going to be looked at.

What upsets me more than the sheer amount of issues, is the fact that no one asked them for the changes that actually introduced these bugs in the first place.

I still prefer Cubase over the other options, but 8 was the last version I bought into if SB does not change gears (or the highway rather).

Oh, I would also pay them to bring the 6.5 mixer back. How absurd is that?

A feature request for this “removed” option is at the link listed below. You can support it (or disagree with it) there.

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