How do I get the notes in a piano part to show up like I want them in the score editor?

hi ppl! :smiley:

I have a piano part open in the score editor and I’ve set the split point at C3 and that kind of works. Now towards the end of the part everything goes down and the notes are lower and a few notes are starting to appear in the lower part of the grand staff instead of making ledger lines, like I would have imagined they would do. That’s what you get when guitarist try to poke around with notes! :flushed:

Is there a way to make all “right hand notes” display in the upper staff instead? I know about the “display in staff” function and that’s not what I want this time.

Hello prsn!

You could make it polyphonic rather than split point at middle C, and then the midi channel of the note determines left hand/right hand.

yeah! good enough! that will bate my symmetry anxiety?
Thanks a lot!

Yes it should. If not, I can prescribe something a little stronger. :wink:

The final solution was …
Use what I got from the zip i received which is two tracks. One goes up and one goes down. Like when I started before I merged the notes into one part. I only know the score editor well enough to be dangerous haha. But the other day I learned by trial and error, RTFM and Youtube how to make proper percussion notes displayed as I want them via a drum map. A small revelation to me. So I’m getting there … :sunglasses:

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