How do I give Key Editor Transport Controls when it's a separate window?

Noob here. If I use Edit menu > Preferences > Editors I can open the Key Editor in a separate Window, which gives me a much bigger window with more real-estate. But how do I add some Transport Controls to that Window so I can play stuff as I’m composing to hear how it sounds?
It has a toolbar of its own and that toolbar has a Setup, but that setup doesn’t seem to have an option for Transport controls.

You can of course use the key commands or call the familiar separate transport window with F2.
Personally, I have long wanted to have the transport bar at the botton of the Key Editor windows that is available in the project window, which of course can be switched on or off when required.

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You can of course use the key commands
Unfortunately my keyboard doesn’t have a Num key. It’s a Perixx-407 compact USB keyboard, which I use so I can fit it, and various MIDI and other devices in easy ergonomic reach while composing. It has a num-lock mode which requires extra key-presses to enter but that would make the whole process of things like fast rewind (shift-Num -) more cumbersome. Perixx, like Cubase, is a German brand so it’s ironic that they don’t work together. Is there an easy way to re-program The default key commands ?

Yes, all key commands can be freely defined by the user and can be reset to the default settings if necessary.