How do I hide the overview window?

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to hide the overview window completely. I de-selected “Open new Audio File windows with overview” but it doesn’t matter, the overview window appears anyway.

Just grab it at the bottom (there’s a specific point, the cursor changes in a vertical double arrow) and push it upward!

I was thinking of something a little more graceful. In WaveLab 6, the key command “O” toggles the overview window on and off (or maybe that was a custom key command I made?).

I am also wondering whether / how is it possible to hide the Overview window completely…


Yes please or at least a key command to hide/unhide.

regards S-EH

To hide it, drag the border till the top.
You can also choose not to show it at all, in the preferences.

It’s probably obvious, but I can’t find it anywhere in the preferences. I’ve already de-selected “Open new Audio File windows with overview,” but that doesn’t seem to do the trick.

Open new Audio File windows with overview

This is the function I meant.

It does indeed work properly with files I’ve never opened before. All good!

So it means that if the file was already opened with Overview it will be shown always in future?? And if the function “Open new Audio File windows with overview” is disabled then all new files will be opened without Overview so it means it cannot be shown for them later??
I am somehow confused.

Shortcut for Show / Hide would be ideal.

If a file opens without an overview, you can make it appear by dragging the border from top to bottom.

Since audio file view settings are remembered with the companion files (this is an option), this setting is persistent per file.

Therefore I think you have all what is needed…