How do I humanize without quantizing

Has been raised by moderator as an issue in the Cubase Issues forum.

Hi -

Could anyone help, please?..

I’m trying to humanize some MIDI by introducing some random variance in the position, but without quantizing as some of the music is not to a grid.

I have RTFM, and I have investigated the Logical Editor, and with filter set to Type = Note, and the Transform set to Position / Set relative random values between / -20 / 20.

I was expecting it to move the selected notes randomly +/- 20 PPQs. My project is set to 480 PPQ.

But the notes are jumping huge distances randomly and I can’t work out what it’s doing. Tried turning off snap to gird in case it was that, but didn’t make any difference.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


Nuendo + NEK 6.0.7 (same functionality for Logical Editor as Cubase 7 I understand).

I figured out what the issue was - and I don’t think this is in the manual…

The track time base must be set to Musical, not Linear. Only then will the parameters be interpreted by the Logical Editor as PPQs.

I have no idea what the parameters represent when in Linear time base but the position transformations are huge in comparison to the PPQs.