How do I import/install VST instruments

How do I install/import all the VST instruments. The template is blank

You add an Instrument Track and select one as the output in the output selection pane.

If 3rd party, you point to the location of the .dll via Plugin Info-VST2.x Paths and restart Cubase for them to be available.

there are no instruments in the output selection pane.
Forgive me in advance I’m new. I tried looking in the help menu but was unable to find any import info for vst instuments

Steinberg or 3rd party? Which version of Cubase?

AI5 I add an instrument track, open the pane and there are no instruments.Thanks for your help

Are there .dlls in the Program folder? Did you try re-install? There should be a seperate HalionOne installer on the disk, maybe you clicked the wrong installer which wouldn’t install in auto.

I reinstalled the program just in case but its the same issue. There are tons of presets but no vst2 files. I tried unloading all the available items on the disk. I am not sure what else to do. It must be time to call support. Thanks for any and all your help