How do I import Sample Packs into Halion Sonic SE

I bought a Loopmaster Sample pack of Drum hits containing both one shots and (Kit) presets for Kontakt, Reason, Ableton and Halion. The download is installed on my C drive. Now what? how do I get halion sonic to find and load the kit presets?
Im using Cubase Elements 10.5

I think you mean Groove Agent 5 Se instead of Halion.

Use Groove Agent 5 SE to import it. I think it´s included in Elements 10.5

Thanks for the reply Kubbe but the files are .FXP presets for Halion. (Midi channel 10 is reserved for drums).
Ok I’ll re-phrase my question: How do import “Stuff” into media bay so that then I can load it into Halion and Groove agent?
Why is Cubase so user unfriendly?

As you can see, Although I’ve selected “All Media types” none of the samples or folders can be imported.

Look at the top of the window, you’re filtering for the word “loops”, you’ll only see content that includes “loops” in the name or metadata. That’s probably why you’re not seeing anything.

When these old sample packs say “Halion”, they mean the full version of Halion. Halion Sonic SE doesn’t support sample import or these ancient .FXP preset files. You can import the samples into Groove Agent SE, like Kubbe said.

The MediaBay also won’t show .FXP preset files, but the .wav samples should show up once you clear the filter. Also make sure that you’re looking into the right folder.

Thank you very much for your reply. I will concede that I would need the full version of halion to play the presets. However I should be still able to import one shot hits.
As you can see from the screen capture, the folder contains several snare wav files as shown in the file explorer but they won’t open in media bay.