how do I include FX sends in audio mixdown?

Please help! From what I can see in the documentation for Cubase 8 pro it is not possible to include the FX sends to audio export / mixdown? Is this right, and if so is there a workaround? Absolutely flummoxed! Any suggestions very much appreciated. Thanks!

Send FX are of course included in a stereo audio midown. Everything that is going to the stereo out is included.

As Grim says, everything that is routed to the bus you are exporting is included in the mixdown

Thanks for the fast replies, much appreciated. I will go back to it and see what I am doing wrong as the fx being sent from the channels are not being included in the export.

For clarity

  1. You are talking about send FX internal to Cubase NOT external FX, yes?
  2. You are wanting to make a single audio mixdown…All of your tracks mixed to one Stereo file?
  3. You have Stereo Out ticked in the export audio mixdown channel selector?

If that’s all correct and you still can’t work it out please screencap your export audio dialogue and post it.

The problem turned out to be that I was not aware that the external fx from the UR242 were not exportable - I now see that in order to export the REV X reverb (for instance) that I must activate the REV X plugin from cubase and send to that FX channel.

Again many thanks for the help, invaluable for us inexperienced users!