How do I indicate the length of a non vibrato part?

I think there should be a dotted line for as long as the non-vibrato lasts, but how do I insert that?

The “non-vib.” playing technique comes with a solid line and bracket, if you select the first and last notes you want to apply it to before adding it. If you prefer a dashed or dotted line, it’s easy to change the line style it uses. Let us know if you need more guidance.

Hi Mark,
I would have thought the same, about selecting the notes, but I get line nore bracket. I guess it might have something to do with the line styles that are installed? I’ll try to find out how I can change that.

The line came up automatically for me when I first selected the notes and then clicked the non vib text in the common Expressions category.

Ha, now I see! It turns out that non-vibrato in the ‘common’ list of techniques works fine, but the non vibrato in the string list doesn’t show that line. I’m afraid it’s some kind of bug. But this will do, and using the ‘common’ part is easier anyway

Not at all. Non vib will only exist in the String list if you added it there yourself. And when you create a playing technique you have the option of specifying a continuation line (or not). Clearly you did not. However, even with no continuation line specified as default, you can add the the line by changing the continuation property on a case-by-case basis

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