How do I indicate the number of players per section

I’ve tried to find the answer in your wonderful 1880 page operating manual but I think i have to ask the question here.

I have a Concert Wind Band arrangement of an orchestral piece.
Where is the best place on the Engraved version to show the number of players per part eg number of Flutes 1, Number of Flutes 2 etc
Do I do that in Engraving and if so where
can I do that by editing each player or part
Thank you

How are you picturing this looking? i.e. where do you want to see the player numbers? In the staff label? Above the staff at the beginning of the music? On a blank / information page before the start of the score?

If you mean in staff labels shown to the left of systems, you can do that by editing the instrument names (or the player names, if you’ve chosen to show player names in staff labels).

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You can either add a new blank page before the first page with music, add a text frame (or for 2 columns, add 2 text frames side by side) and fill the text frames with your player index.

Or you can create this page in a text processing software, export it as PDF and then stitch together your final PDF file, consisting of probably some sort of title page, your player index page and your music content.

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Have a look at the last Dorico Youtube video. It shows a lot of possibilities for a nice comments page with flow extracts.


thanks for the alternatives

that’s a good way

Thanks for all the above i have to think my way through it. Naively I thought there would be a way to number up each section player and there would be a summary created at the front.
Would those staff labels which Lillie mentioned increase the number of players one hears on Playback ie 4 flutes rather than 1 and 2 bassoons rather than 1 etc