How do I initialise/reset Cubase instruments?

Hi, is there a quick way to reset or initialise the stock instruments (retrologue, spector etc)?

Reset/Initiate? You can always try “Repair”…

Yes reset - remove the current preset, and reset device to basic waves. Devices often have a ‘reset’ which will zero out all the parameters - reset then pitch, open the filter, zero the resonance etc

Where is the ‘repair’ option?

Most VST/VSTi’s have a patch named “Init” (or something similar) for this very purpose.

Yes, they do. However, I’m talking specifically about the stock instruments that ship with Cubase 7.5

In those instruments where a “Init” preset is not part of the factory presets, I’ve simply made my own.

Actually, Retrologue & PadShop does contain an “Init” patch. Just type “init” in the search-field.

Spector and Mystic appears to not include an “init” patch. But, as “Whirly” pointed out, you can always create your own. You can then set up the parameters of your “init” patch, the way you want them. Not the way Steinberg wants them.

Thanks, I thought I saw an init patch somewhere on one of the instruments, I’ll make init patches for the others.