How do I input this?

Sorry for not coming up with a better name…

How do I input such a structure?

I first tried it with only one voice which gave me 4 quarter notes in the first bar that join the same chord in the second bar.
The I tried using 4 different voices which gave me a good result for bar 1, but then I could not tie the notes to the single chord in the second bar.

I’m very sure I have seen this here before, but don’t know what to search for :wink:

Thanks - and happy Easter to you! :slight_smile:

Happy Easter Estigy!

How about assigning a different voice to each note? Not an elegant solution, but it might work.

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I think the answer is to enter the notes in the first bar in separate voices, and the chord in the second bar in one voice. To tie a note in one voice to a note in another voice, they must both be selected before pressing T. To select notes in different voices, click the first note and then cmd/ctrl-click the second note.


Thank you so much! :slight_smile: