How do I insert [3rd Party] VST on Midi Channel ?


I have just started with Cubase and am looking for some help; Maybe this has already been discussed, If So, please send me a link to the existing thread.

I want to be able to Jam with my Hardware synths, in order to do this, i would like to be able to play my HW synths on a Midi Channel and then be able to add 3rd Party VSTs [not the default ones listed in Cubase] to the same MIDI channel so that as I play the HW Synth, the VST should be able to process the sound in realtime.

Can any one please advise on how I can go about doing this?


Click on the Track’s Midi (master) channel not the Midi Track itself then click on Insert and you should have all your VST’s available…

Thanks for this response.

Can you please send me a screen shot if possible ? I cannot seem to find the “Track’s Midi (master) channel”
you can mail mail me : irfanak-at-gmail-dot-com.

Sorry for the trouble, I’m new at Cubase! :slight_smile:

If the sound/audio is coming out of your HW synth and not going into the inputs of the soundcard and through the Cubase software the audio effects like reverbs and delays will not be available and will not work.

The midi that you are recording is just computer data that will play back the synth part of your HW synth. You can add midi effects on a midi track but not audio inserts.

If you use your HW synth to play one of VST synths that are part of the computer system this is a different matter and adding effects to the sound is easy. Open up an instrument track, select the vst and the insert slots will show up in both the inspector and the mixer.

Hi Mrhehon;

Thanks for the response; leave aside the MIDI data and the VSTs.

The Audio is definitely being routed into my Audio Interface and also into Cubase.
What i am trying to achieve is to be able to use an effects VST such as Glitch or EFFECTRIX on a track that is getting audio from the HW synth. so that i can see the effect in realtime as i play the HW Synth.

I just want to be able to add all the EFFECT VSTs on the audio coming out of the HW Synth [into Cubase] in order to Jam live.


If I’ve miss understood what you’re trying to do sorry but trying to be helpful.

You need to have a midi track set up with the midi output going to your HW synth.

The audio outs need to be coming from your synth into the soundcard and routed into a Cubase audio track (Yellow monitor buttons on for both tracks).

On the audio track use the insert slots to open the effects you want to hear.

For the Glitch or EFFECTRIX type effects to work you will need to press play or record on Cubase as you Jam.

Just tried this on my system and working fine.

Included a screen shot of the setup.

As above but also make sure direct monitoring is disabled in Cubase and/or in your interface.

Thanks a lot Mrhehon, its working now, but now I am getting 2 sounds,
1 Processed through the VST and the other unprocessed.

I’m guessing this is what GRIM is talking about, the ‘Direct Monitoring’, Can you please tell me how to disable this? specially from Cubase.

thanks so much and sorry for the trouble.

Hey i figured it out on my interface…thanks a lot guys…working perfect now…!